We are very used to making the long haul trip to visit fruit growers in South Africa, but who’d have thought we’d get a taste of this beautiful country so close to home?

Working with flamboyant author, food blogger and supper club host Kerstin Rodgers, we wanted to make an editorial recipe video that conveyed the season and fantastic taste of South African and pears, with a stunning setting to match. We headed for Africa Alive!, a hidden gem overlooking the cost at Lowestoft – and just a couple of hours’ drive from the RED offices. The park’s staff members were incredibly helpful on the day, ensuring that not only were we able to get great footage of Kerstin’s top camping recipes, but also that it was set against a backdrop of roaming giraffes, lions and a very muddy rhino.

A fun and productive day out of the office.

Thought for the day: communications agencies such as ours have in the last few years had to get to grips with working with food bloggers. All changes bring challenges – but choosing the right partner bloggers can bring fantastic rewards in terms of the write ups and the exposure they offer

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