Before any recipe photo shoot, there is a whole process of brainstorming with our team. Usually this involves recipe development with a chef, who ensures they taste great; and a food stylist, who will make them look fantastic too.

Working with one of the UK top food photographers, the inimitable Steve Lee (, and stylist and author Sue Ashworth, we’ve achieved some stunning end results. Trends are constantly shifting in the food photography world, and they make up a team that is really on top of these changes.

Organising and attending a photo shoot is an amazing and very interesting experience and we are always very proud to show the finished product to our client – not to mention journalists.”

Thought for the day: “From a PR agency point of view, we know that great photography makes a huge difference when approaching consumer magazines about covering products. After more than a decade doing this, our formula for a successful recipe is: Simple to prepare, slightly unusual and a very, very nice image. “

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