RED regularly works with students, from pre-GCSE level pupils who are gaining their first taste of the working world, to undergraduates and graduates. This summer 20-year-old Constance Sol joined us from France to take on a 6-month internship at RED as part of her five-year graphic design studies at the IIM – Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia (The Institute of Internet and Multimedia) in Paris.


Constance has been with us for two months now. Here’s her feedback on her time with RED so far:


“In the short time since I have joined the agency, I have learned a lot. RED Communications provides a wide range of services for its clients – which includes public relations, customer research and in-store marketing – and I have worked on a number of different projects in these areas.” 


“I find the atmosphere here in the office serious and professional, but very friendly at the same time. Everyone is very nice and very helpful and I always feel the staff will always do their best to help me – and it’s obvious that they take the same approach with clients. The agency puts great importance in its relationships with clients, existing and potential.”


“All the campaigns – in the fields of food, wine or business-to-business – I have been involved in are very interesting. People here seem so enthusiastic; I think because they are working in an industry they love and that they have a real interest in. I have been involved in their day-to-day activities and given responsibilities for various small projects; which is good for me as an intern, and it very challenging – which I like!”


“RED is a great place to be as creative as I want. I am going to be here for another four months. During this time I am also hoping to be involved with some new clients so that I can really get the best out of this experience.”


Thought for the day:

RED Communications is a great place for students of all ages to gain an exciting and varied experience of life in a marketing agency. We believe in getting the best from our staff by giving them autonomy and responsibility for their own projects. I hope we have given Constance a good introduction to working in an agency – and that when she leaves us in December she’ll consider marketing and PR as a serious career option. We wish you all the best! 

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